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Safety Optimisation Resources - What???  Oi grew from a desire to help keep people safe on the water by making them more visible to other users.  So we've also put together some resources and links that you might like to check out, to help you, your kids or your mates keep safe.  Can't hurt...


Water skiing & towing

  • It takes a minimum of THREE people for water skiing - one to do the water skiing, one to drive the boat, and a third person (who must be at least ten years old) to keep an eye on the skier so the skipper can concentrate on driving the boat safely.
  • Skiers are required to wear an appropriate buoyancy aid.
  • Avoid shallow water.
  • When picking up a skier, turn the boat towards the side the skier is on, so that the propellor swings away from the skier.
  • The 5 knot rule applies unless you are in a ski access lane, where you can go right to the beach at speed.
  • You must keep to the right going in and out of an access lane.
  • Access lanes are marked by posts painted with orange and black bands.
  • Water skiers have priority rights to use access lanes ahead of other users.  If skiers are outside an access lane they must not go within 200m of shore or a boat with a dive flag.  They must keep at least 50m from other craft or swimmers.
  • You must not water ski between sunset and sunrise.
  • Displaying a red flag when anyone has fallen off skis or a ski biscuit will warn other boats in the area to keep a lookout for them.



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