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Water Skiing or Ski Biscuit



Worn rear-facing and fastened under the chin, the Oi Sports Cap has been configured to be securely retained upon a wearer's head, so that in the event of them falling whilst water skiing or ski biscuit riding, or the like, the cap remains in place and helps identify the wearer to any approaching watercraft.  The rear-facing design results in less drag from oncoming airflow and creates a longer visible surface the back of the wearer's head.


Hi-vis water sports   Cord to fasten   Ready to go   Hot dogging

Put on your Oi cap - - - - - -  Fasten under your chin - - -  Ready - - - - - - GO!



The Oi Sports Cap provides a hands-free method of alerting watercraft to the wearer's position in a body of water, thereby allowing the wearer to tread water or refit water skis etc without any substantial loss of visibility.


Water skiing with Oi cap        Water skier with Oi cap        Hi-vis water skier



Closed cell high density foam material has been sewn into the rim for floatation, so if you drop it in the water, you won't lose it - bonus!

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