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Kids Scootering to School



Dull winter mornings, dark winter uniforms, raincoats and backpacks - the kids scootering to school blend in with the gloomy surroundings as they zip across driveways and roads.  Or think of the speeds that vehicles travel on the country roads, as our kids wait on the roadside for their bus. 


NOW... slap on an Oi Sports Cap!


The picture changes... with the hi-vis colour and retro-reflective material, they'll be seen as they make their way to school.  If it's windy, use the cord to keep it on.


This hi-vis yellow/green colour has been adopted in many countries, including New Zealand, as the colour to warn of non-motorised traffic.  This colour, the same as the Oi Sports Cap, stands out amongst other things on a busy road, and stands out against natural surroundings.  It is highly visible in low-light conditions (see below) and in bright sunlight.




Great in the summertime too.  Keep the sun out of their eyes and protect their scalp from the harsh UV rays with the UV resistant materials.  The kids can wear it to and from school, and at morning tea and lunchtime too.



Raise some money for your school and protect the kids at the same time by checking out the

Oi Fundraiser.


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