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Hi-vis cap          Hi-Vis Cap          Reflective Sports Cap


Made from moisture-wicking, quick-drying, UV resistant hi-vis material with retro-reflective detailing, the Oi Sports Cap has an elastic cord with a toggle fastener to keep it firmly in place when required, and closed cell high density foam material located in the rim for buoyancy.


Water Sports

The Oi Sports Cap is designed to be worn rear-facing with the cord and toggle fastened under the chin to hold it in place.  This results in less drag from oncoming airflow and creates a longer visible surface area at the back of the wearer's head.  The cap has been configured to be securely retained upon a wearer's head, so that in the event of them falling whilst water skiing and the like, the cap remains in place and helps identify the wearer on the water to any approaching watercraft - perfect for all water sports, eg water skiing and kayaking.


Sun Protection

The Oi Sports Cap has so many uses, from water skiing to scootering to school, and of course, the more obvious one...

SUN PROTECTION - a great UV resistant, moisture-wicking, quick-drying sports cap to protect your head and eyes from the sun.  And when it's really windy, you can use the cord and toggle to keep it on your head while you get on with what you want to do.



Wear the Oi Sports Cap where ever you need hi-vis colours to stand out from your surroundings. The retro-relective material is perfect for low-light conditions or when you are out after dark.  The light from an approaching vehicle will bounce back to the source with retro-reflective material, alerting drivers of your presence.


Check out the variety of applications and then find your own uses and send us a pic.

   Rear facing 


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